Tests of equipment in the climatic chamber

Tests of equipment in the climatic chamber

The equipment operating efficiently in different climatic conditions assures increased safety of the operation personnel and minimizes losses caused by disturbances in the power system.  The above statement is a result of conducted research works constituting one of the most important stages of implementing new devices and systems for production and sale. The tests conducted in the climatic chamber allow to detect and eliminate errors that occurred in design stage and production. Tests conducted in the climatic chamber contribute to the quality and reliability of equipment as well as decrease future costs connected with possible modernization, development and servicing of the equipment. For years our climatic chamber has been used for testing of electric power equipment (and other equipment also) manufactured by many well-known companies.<br />Professional service is guaranteed by highly skilled staff with long-term experience. The staff solve the problems in the scope of research works.  We offer services in full climatic examinations of all kinds of equipment carried out in a large-size climatic chamber of German Brabender Realtest Company:

The climatic chamber usable dimensions: 220 x 140 x 110 cm
operating temperature range: -30 ... + 80°C
operating humidity range 0 ... 100 %.

The climatic chamber allows to reproduce in the automatic way an arbitrary climatic characteristic in the above mentioned ranges according to the set program. The chamber has a multi-contact, electrically and mechanically insulated bushings that allow to connect signals (feeding and measuring) required by the device tested as well as the bushings for non-electric wires and conduits.

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