Rotating machines

Rotating machines

Our specialists carry out every type of test of rotating machines (turbo-generators, hydro-generators, motors) of any voltage and power level in particular:

  • factory acceptance tests of generators and motors,
  • post assembly tests in accordance with the PN-E-04700 standard,
  • voltage withstand tests of windings made with power frequency voltage (up to 100 kV) and DC voltage (up to 450 kV),
  • measurements of level of partial discharge with electric method,
  • measurements of dielectric loss factor tgd and Cx of stator windings,
  • tests of windings insulation with DC voltage up to 10 kV (PI, DD, SV),
  • tests of inductive heating of stator's core (1T) with the temperature monitoring with the use of the thermovision camera ThermaCAM P60 type,
  • vibroacoustic diagnostic of machines with the use of multianalyser system PULSE type 3560 C of Brüel-Kjaer Co.,
  • tests of heating up of generators' active elements (stator and rotor windings, stator active iron) together with drawing of a circular chart of generator,
  • inspection of auxiliary circuits (e.g. thermometric system).

Moreover we offer:

  • technical supervision and advisory service,
  • after breakdown technical and economic opinions,
  • comprehensive analysis of machines condition and diagnostic tests concerning insurance problems.

The obtained operation experience as well as research work results from machine operation period are used among other things for:

  • assessment of the ageing ratio of insulation,
  • assessment of the degree of moisture of insulation,
  • the scope and the profitability of the repair or replacement.

We have thorough experience in the scope of activity presented above and high class equipment that guarantee a high accuracy and quality of our services.

All questions should be directed to:

  • mgr inż. Grzegorz Czempik, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel. 32 2376633, kom. 607 490 156.

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