Thermovision Measurement Laboratory operates as part of accredited Testing Laboratory. In the scope of accreditation the Laboratory performs temperature distribution measurements of electrical equipment of all voltage levels.
termogram odłącznika 110kV

Accredited activity of the Laboratory is determined in The Scope of Accreditation of the Testing Laboratory no. AB 269, that is available at any request of the Customer (available also on PCA website –


In the scope of accreditation the following measurements are carried out:

  • thermovision measurements of the main current path elements at high, medium and low voltage substations as well as at overhead lines,
  • thermovision measurements of power transformers,
  • thermovision measurements of generators,
  • thermovision measurements of temperature distribution on the surface of thermal insulation jacket of power boilers, turbines as well as process and district heating pipings,
  • thermovision inspection of patency of the power boilers' furnace cooling tubes.

In addition, the scope of activity includes:

  • diagnostic testing of equipment and plants, among other things: motors, boilers, flue gas ducts, electrofilters, chimneys, etc., made on the basis of temperature distribution on a surface during normal operation,
  • temperature distribution tests on a surface of building partitions and analysis of exaggerated losses of warmth in the construction,
  • comprehensive tests of the building outside coatings' thermal characteristics and evaluation of the technical condition of different installations at industry plants, shopping centres, etc.,
  • inspection of air-tightness of the underground heat distribution network and evaluation of the technical condition of the underground heating piping on the basis of temperature distribution analysis on a surface of the ground covering the piping.

During more than 30 years of activity we have performed tests and thermovision measurements of electrical power equipment at all power plants and HV substations as well as at many industry plants in the entire country.

We have been implementing thermovision diagnostic testing in domestic power industry, developing, among other things, temperature evaluation criteria of the current connections at substations and power transmission lines. 
We introduced the aeronautical technique used for thermovision inspection of overhead power lines and drawn up the method of monitoring the patency of boiler pipes.

Thermovision Measurement Laboratory carries out tests with the thermovision equipment type ThermaCAM P60.
The equipment specification is presented below:

  • range of the temperature measurement: from -40°C to 2000°C,
  • field of view depending on the applied lens: 12° x 9° or 24° x 18°,
  • geometrical resolution: 0,6 mrad (lens 12°) or 1,3 mrad (lens 24°),
  • range of spectral sensitivity: 7,5 – 13 mm.


All questions should be directed to:

  • Krzysztof Patschek, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 32 237 66 49, 691 856 350.


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